Modi is now brand India

India is now recognised worldwide in the name of Modi. You like it or dislike it, the fact can not be ignored.

The wonderful journey of Modi after his successful tenure of chief minister for 12 years in Gujarat, his footprints as P.M. of India since 2014 became so much visible that even opposition started admiring his works. World leaders are now in an urgency of making Modi at their side somehow. World leaders like America Russia and China have become cards in the world leaders pack, keeping Modi means India as an Ace of clubs.

During these years since his becoming P.M., many incidents being created to give a bad name to Modi but in vain. Opposition Congress leaders – old and new tried to suppress his works by false and vindictive propaganda. During elections of 2019, Congress tried to lure the public by mammoth promises but failed totally.

Now it is the time to analyse Modi works and effect on the Indian public as well as on the world at large. First and foremost is Modi puts forth plans and work in a systematic way. And Modi works hard, keeps track, follows the works of his colleagues, gives suggestions and accepts the words of people. He always mentains time, respects elders, nation, constitution, national anthem and above all the people of the country. His thinking are based on “vasudaiva kutumbakam” wherein all the people of the world are members of one single family. He thinks world as a home. Everyone is blessed to live peacefully. The terrorism of some of the pessimists are coming in the way of world peace. So Modi likes to mitigate this pessimism with the help of all the leaders of the world who likes to live in peace. He thinks the world problems and in the process to find the solutions. He never puts the problems over the board but also suggests the remedy for it in concrete steps.

His style of work, clarity in analysing the problems the world is facing, suggesting the solution, in crisis ready to head the team, making friends of and bringing them together for the betterment of the world, simplicity, caring for even a single person, studying the projects carried on by different nations will be taking him towards top of the world leaders.

He is not only a leader for India but also a leader of leaders of the world. This capacity of Modi takes him far away from the reach of his opponents as well as envying nations.

Now in this newly elected cabinet Amit shah has joined hands to Modi to take care of the security aspect of the nation by giving a free hand for the soldiers to act delegently in a part of Kashmir where stone pelting at soldiers was not considered as offence. Alagwaadi section of the society in Kashmir was supporting and financing these acts through students and youths. Money was coming from Pakistan to create tension in Indian sun continent. Now most of the alagwaadis being put in to jail and at least 800 terorists having encountered, there seems a ray of hope for the Pandit community who were the real original dwellers been thrown out by terrorists with no other alternative except to leave the place. It does not mean that all other religion are terrorists, but surely some vested interest are playing with the life of inmates of Kashmir, which has become a reason of spoilt relation between Pandits and Muslims. The real nut is not these communities but the attitude of few who want Kashmir be split so to make Kashmir and in the coming days wants to make India more unstable socially and economically. This is where the entry of Modi as PM of India again made these few a ditch. And following it Amit Shah has become the home minister.

Modi is taking care of unity and integrity of India and also taking steps to develop India in all aspects. The test of it is that the so called super powers America, Russia, China and Japan are felling a drag of their place in the world because of steps taken by Modi. Modi is not simply one of the PM ruling India but a super icon of the world leaders.

Hope India progress under Modi, a lot.