Amit Shah At Home ministry.

With BJP chief Amit Shah being appointed as the Union Home Minister, a lot is expected to change as far as matters concerning internal security. Officials in the ministry say he may also dedicate much of his attention to tackling illegal immigration and addressing issues concerning Jammu and Kashmir.
Known for his ability to take tough decisions, Amit Shah is expected to give new shape not only to many aspects of internal security but also dynamics as far as relations with neighbouring countries – especially Pakistan – are concerned. As the Home Minister, he will also play a crucial role in defining the centre’s relationship with states.

Officials also expect to see a shift in National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s role with 54-year-old Amit Shah’s induction. “Rajnath Singh used to ratify all the decisions taken by the NSA, but things may change now because Amit Shah himself has a strong personality,” one of them said.

As per the present arrangement, Ajit Doval was considered as the eyes and ears of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But that could change now, given that Amit Shah is considered PM Modi’s closest confidant.

Zero tolerance towards terrorism and checking illegal immigration will be the focus areas for Shah, who may also take some tough actions such as implementing the NRC across the country and annulling Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir.
The BJP in its manifesto had said it was “committed to annulling Article 35A” of the Constitution of India as the provision is “discriminatory against temporary residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir”.

Now Amit Shah has all the connected files are at his finger tips. He is looking in to it to bring the useful changes in this regard for the better benefit of all the resources to all the citizens of the country.

He expressed his concern over these anti developmental activities to be curbed and peace has to be brought in places so to inject development of these areas and its people.

Let us hope for the best as he likes it to be done in 2 – 3 months time.👍

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