Karnataka urban local body elections

It becomes very much astonishing to note that Congress is maintaining its position not only respectably well but also secured its place at top. In loksabha elections BJP saw a landslide victory by winning 25 seats of its own with thumping margins in many constituencies and also its supporting independent candidate Sumalata too won with reasonable margin. That makes 26 of 28 constituencies!
In assembly elections, held in 2018 the Karnataka had thrown a fractured mandate as BJP secured 104 seats, while Congress and JD(S) managed to form the government by combining their respective 80 and 37 seats in a house of 224.

But the local body elections throw surprises towards Congress favour. Just a week after Loksabha poll results Urban local poll results clearly took a U – turn in favour of Congress 506, JDS 174 while BJP should be happy with 366 seats. 160 independents have won along.

What does this indicate?

1. There is a shift from BJP towards Congress and JDS.

2. Local polls are much dependent on the person contesting.

3. There was no proper campaigning based on party work.

4. Local karyakartas have failed to informing the works of BJP are surely the works of local people.

5. Local campaigning failed to give proper information to voters that their vote at grass root level too will strengthen Modi hands to work.

6. Congress or JDS may have influenced voters by their tactics and methods.

Of many things that may have worked against BJP most pertinent thing that stands upright is

1. Failure to give proper information & 2. The importance of voting BJP will strengthen the man at the top.

Congress succeeded in brainwashing the voters that the security and economy aspect of the country is with centre and all other things like food distribution, other benefits transferring lies with the state and local Govt. All the voters usually will not be knowing the works allocation and hence believe to some extent. Of course the urban voters may be knowing it to some extent but all urban voters are not that much educated as urban voters also include uneducated or little educated who come from rural to work and are settled.

My thinking is that the works that is being done is not clearly informed to the voters. Making know the voter that what BJP is doing for people at the grass root level becomes more important. Usually in local elections there is only pampering of the candidate. Because candidate likes it to be canvassed. But what happens by this is that the works done by the centre is not properly conveyed to the voters. So they think of local person in local polls. This hampers or hinders the real work done for the betterment of the people.

So I advocate the developmental message us to be clearly passed on to the voter, then only BJP can handle all elections effectively.

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I am 67 and a retired bank employee. Interested to know persons and to try to understand their different interests. I like humor. I am giving career guidance to tenth & twelfth students. I also give guidance for banking exams. Conduct banking exam classes.

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